The Ultimate Guide to Referral Marketing

Referral marketing has seen more than its fair share of outsized success stories. Tech companies like Dropbox and PayPal have achieved blow-out growth and reached millions of users without traditional advertising spend, all thanks to customer referrals. But while a lot of marketers know that they should be digging into referral, many don’t know where […]

Geo-Tracking Your Traffic: What Is It and How You Need to Be Using It to Scale Your Marketing…

Clicks and traffic are the lifeline of any online business.  It’s the blood in the veins… the air in the lungs.  Without clicks and traffic, you have no online business. In this very short email, I will share with you 3 important ways to get MORE out of your clicks and traffic (more conversions, more […]

Why Data Alone Can’t Dictate Your Marketing Decisions

I am a big advocate of data-backed content marketing and insist on writing data-backed posts, because crunched data shows promising patterns that your website visitors or social media followers might follow. So, is there no place for human intuition in businesses? Can machine-based algorithms and tools give the complete picture for lifting your business sales?… […]