7 Myths About Digital Marketing That Keep You From Growing

According to eMarketer, businesses spent more than $170 billion in digital marketing in 2015. The industry is experiencing exploding growth that all businesses should tap into. However, those that lack experience are held back by some myths attached to digital marketing. And they may be keeping your business from growing. So, let’s debunk some of the myths holding you back from getting the maximum results from your online marketing.

Myth 1: SEO is dead

Truth: SEO’s obituary has been written many times. SEO has evolved but is far from being dead. What worked in 2010 doesn’t work in 2016, and what works this year may change in the next couple of years. You just have to keep on top of the trend. SEO is a great form of marketing as it brings in people that are actually searching for your content. But with lots of websites creating great content, it is a struggle to rise to the top. Big brands spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their SEO campaigns. You need to be strategic if you want to compete…

7 Myths About Digital Marketing That Keep You From Growing


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