In Spartan times, when neighboring states requested military assistance, Leonidas, King of Sparta, would send one man. Just ONE man.

In his reply, the King would write:

“One Riot, One Ranger.”

Modestly speaking, clients and partners have told me I have “the gift.” The gift of writing strong, irresistibly compelling copy.

The kind of copy that converts leads and prospects into A RIOT of customers and clients.

“You’ll be more than impressed with the ‘persuasion muscle’ this 25-year copywriting veteran puts into your copy!” 

My copywriting results include:

* 13 Clickbank VSLs and sales letters in the ClickBank Top 10

* As high as 7.50 EPCs for email copy

* Sales letters that convert on average between 4% – 6%

* Landing pages to warm traffic that convert as high as 65%…

* Ultra-engaging articles and blogs that gets readers to click the call-to-action…

* Targeted lead generation for SaaS and B2B…

* Native ads for Taboola, Revcontent, and OutBrain…

* Dozens of appreciative clients

I have deep experience with:

* Jon Benson’s 3X Sellerator

* Clickfunnels

* Ryan Levesque The Ask Method

* Ben Settle-type copy

* Gary Bencivenga and Clayton Makepeace-type copy

* Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert strategy & copy

My copywriting qualities include:

* A conversion copywriter with a 25-year, proven track record of generating sales and profits for clients

* “Has a gift for marketing strategy”

* “Great at optimization”

* Thorough researcher especially with “New Cause, New Mechanism” projects

* Meets deadlines & hates typos with a passion

* More than open to feedback and get better

* Willing to do revisions until the copy sings

* A native English speaker

* Uses Google Docs for real-time, transparency and progress status update…

* Responsive, able to move and shift fast

My copywriting training includes:

* Jay Abraham – Almost everything Jay has developed

* Dan Kennedy – Almost everything Dan has developed

* Chet Holmes – Ultimate Sales Machine

* ClickFunnels Expert Training

* Ryan Levesque – The Ask Method

* Russell Brunson – Funnel Scripts & Dot Com Secrets

* Jeff Walker – Product Launch Formula – Video Script

* Ryan Deiss – Video Sales Letter – Formula Copywriter

* 3X Sellerator – Jon Benson – Video Sales Letter Course

* Russ Reynolds – Supplement Copywriting Course

* Autoresponder Madness – Andre Chaperon

* NLP Copywriting – Harland Kilstein Course

* Clayton Makepeace – Desktop Copy Coach Training

* NLP Certification – Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins and others

* Joanna Wiebe – CopyHackers-Trained

Personal stuff:

Currently building out a 9-acre off-grid organic farm in Hawaii. Musician. Into alt health, anti-aging & fitness–especially juicing, hot yoga, supplements & nootropics

Your next steps:

If you have a project and you think we might be a fit, feel free to contact me below. I look forward to hearing from you…

Rick Duris
Skype: copyranger
Facebook: RickDuris
Email: [email protected]
Cell #: 949-903-4850

More Reviews and Testimonials:

Increase Conversion for Evergreen Webinar Funnel

“Rick helped me work on the sales page and emails for my evergreen webinar funnel over a period of a months and I’m ecstatic about the results! Rick is honestly a brilliant copywriter. Each time I brought a draft of copy to him, I could be certain by the time he was done with it, it would convert higher without losing any of my unique voice. I’m in a niche that Rick is relatively far removed from (I help millennial women manifest love). I didn’t know if this would make our work together less effective. Rick has such an eye and ear for great writing that his pre-existing knowledge of the subject matter was completely irrelevant. It was truly a collaboration — I brought my expertise of my clients and subject and he brought his copywriting genius. All that is to say, don’t hesitate to work with Rick if you’re an obscure niche (or in popular/common niche); he is brilliant and can undoubtedly improve your writing and increase your conversions. Thank you, Rick! Will be back for my next project.”

Increase YouTube Conversions for eCom Product

“Another job well done by Rick! I’m continually impressed with his skill and adaptability across various verticals and mediums. I highly recommend!”

Conversion and Direct Response Copywriting for DIY eCommerce Product

“This is my fourth project with Rick. I keep coming back and will continue to do so because Rick has what it takes to turn clicks into readers, and readers to customers. If you’ve struggled with so-so copywriters in the past I’d encourage you to give this copy-veteran a shot and watch what he can do for your sales pages. You won’t regret it!”

Increase landing page conversions for eCom product

“Another masterful piece of work by Rick! I came to him needing some specific offer oriented copy for a landing page and he blew it out of the water! Highly recommend”

Direct Response Copywriter To Increase Conversions on eCommerce Sales Page

“Some call him Rick. Some call him Richard… But me? I find myself calling him ‘Sifu’ Because Rick Duris is the copy MASTER. I’ve done several projects with Rick and every one has been nailed. Every time. And after reading his copy on this last project? I had my credit card half way out of my pocket before I realized I was about to buy my own product. So the next time you’re looking for copy, don’t sell yourself short. Do yourself a favor and skip the cheap-o alternative and go straight to the master.”

CBD Book Launch Project

“Rick Duris was amazing!! He held my hand every step of the way on this project. He went above and beyond my expectations! His talent, skill and creativity were most impressive, but even more than that, his integrity and care throughout the project was amazing. He went the extra mile in every way, providing me with so much extra value. I can’t recommend Rick enough as a stellar copywriter and marketeer!”

Landing Page Audit and Copy

“Great work as always. Highly recommend!”

Landing Page Audit and Copy

“Great copy on the first round and no changes needed. Excited to put this in use and watch the results unfold. Thanks Rick!”

High Converting Sales Copywriter | single-page e-commerce site for an air treatment device.

“Rick is a pro, and his experience makes a world of difference. He did a fantastic job on our project, helping us in true collaboration, and seeing things through to the details. Highly recommended, and we’ll be back.”

Optimize Website Conversions And Increase Sales

“I’ve worked with many freelancers on Upwork, and Rick easily is the best one that I’ve been fortunate enough to work with. This was my second time working with him and he exceeded my expectations once again. He has been helping me optimize my math calculator website for conversions, and my sales nearly tripled in a span of two months because of it. There are certain tweaks he makes that amount to a huge boost in the bottom line. He has all the skills and knowledge to implement strategy and copy that massively improve conversions and sales. And most importantly, he is a top-notch human being and becoming a friend as we work together more.”

Facebook Video Ads

“Rick is a very good copywriter. I definitely recommend him.”

Advertorial Copywriting Ninja 

“Rick was wonderful to work with! I selected him after reviewing dozens of copywriters, and he was a top pick. I was impressed by the amount of experience he has writing for Taboola & Outbrain. He really went above and beyond to write an excellent advertorial for me. What I liked the most was that he spent a lot of time really digging in and doing research on the product I was selling. After working with Rick, I can highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for a great copywriter that can craft highly compelling & converting copy.”

Advertorial / Pre-sell / Native Ad Expert Copywriter Needed

“Rick is a veteran copywriter. You can see his experience by the way he writes. I will definitely hire him again! Great job!”

Copywriter with affiliate marketing experience needed

“Rick is Freakin awesome, I was struggling to get my copy to convert and reached out to him, One look at the copy and he gave me the feedback I needed to get the copy to convert. If you need copy that converts Rick is your guy.”

VSL Script Proofing

“Rick is a freaking beast. Bullseye, first kill, first shot, right in the head! Exactly what we were expecting! ? I Will continue working with Rick in the future 100% sure.”

Sales Page Copywriter

“Rick wrote for me a GREAT sales letter for my Facebook book launch. He took all our conversations, all my book content and all my current marketing and weaved them into a story that’s compelling. I’ll definitely be scaling with Rick’s help!”

Craft a welcome series for our company from our content

“Rick was really great to work with. He spend the time to get to know our company and crafted some excellent emails. Will be using again soon.”

Writing copy for website and emails

“Wow, talk about mastery! Rick has got the copywriting goods 10X. I had him create a list of bullets about my Hair Transplant book, and man, he submitted 11 pages of bullets that made me salivate. So much so, I wanted to buy my own book! 🙂 That stated, the experience of working with him has also been enjoyable. Rick has so much experience, specifically related to hair and alternative health, that he just gushes like a geyser. At the same time, he’s super collaborative. The synergy between us has been phenomenal. We have a new project in the works and I encourage you to strongly consider him and his skill set. Thanks, Rick!”

Real Estate Marketing Letters

“Rick truly impressed us with the letter he wrote for us. Before we worked with Rick, we wrote our own marketing letter, after studying many existing templates from the internet and books, and the letter fell flat. We are very excited to send out the new letter Rick wrote. He incorporated multiple calls-to-action that we were missing. He removed some of the “fluff” that we had that was preventing response and he added in some very honest language creating urgency. 10/10 Would recommend hiring Rick and definitely plan on doing so on all our future projects.”

Medical Spa copy write and conversation consulting

“I was very impressed with Mr. Rick. I would definitely recommend everyone to him for help coming up with swift and easy ways to copyright consultant for Med spas. I thank him so very much for helping me copyright my emails, and other effective ways. Thank you Mr. Rick. I’m looking forward to working with you some more!”

Sales Strategy and Copy Needed for Donate Button on Math Education Website

“Rick was an absolute pleasure to work with and exceeded my expectations. I needed someone to help me strategize the monetization of my website via donation buttons. He exceeded those requirements because we collaboratively dialed in a strategy and then he set me up with several concepts and methods of executing the strategy. This was very impressive because he had the skills to perform the job AND the people skills to maximize how effective our collaboration was. Rick also is very transparent and made sure I was comfortable with his hours and tasks throughout the entire process. If I could give 6 out of 5 stars, I would.”

Review Sales Letter for online Course and Membership Site

“Can’t think of a simpler way to put it than to say, RICK IS FANTASTIC! Not only is he a top-level expert in copywriting, he is extremely accommodating and a pleasure to work with. Whereas I am very proficient at copywriting myself, I needed someone to fine-tune what I had already written and take it to another level. I couldn’t have chosen a better person. I look forward to working with Rick again and again in the future!”

Copywriter needed to review landing page copy

“Rick knows his stuff!! I came to Upwork looking for some copywriters to work with and set up a short pilot project to feel out the talent. I invited Rick and he was gracious enough to let me know that he was swamped. And then he suggested we talk briefly just so he could share some ideas. Well, he ended up sharing a wealth of ideas. Just what I was looking for. It was so good, I had to pay him! So if you’re looking for a copywriter, who knows his stuff, and more importantly, who knows YOUR market…give Rick a shotl! You won’t regret it. I might, because that means he can’t work on my projects!!”

Conversion Rate Optimization for CLickfunnel

“I’ve been burned a lot by supposed ClickFunnel experts. You know how I knew Rick was the perfect copywriter for my project? I was having trouble with the “bump” on my free book offer. It wasn’t converting. Without being asked, Rick gave me GREAT copy. Just went ahead and sent it over. Unbelievable. No one does that! It was so good, I had to hire him. And the video script he wrote for my upsell is pretty persuasive! The conversion ideas he gave me was the cherry on top.”

Lead Generation Expert

“Rick was a professional amongst professionals here on Upwork. I highly recommend anyone on the fence to hire him. YOU will not regret it. Cannot wait to work with him again. His writing is as business empathic as it gets. Thanks Rick!”

Copywriter for SaaS Homepage (Digital Marketing Software)

“I had an interesting and entertaining conversation with Rick. He was full of ideas and showed great interest not just in my project but my life in general. There aren’t many people around like that!”

Optimize Weight Loss VSL UPSELL

“Without a doubt you can either not hire Rick and realize you left a bunch of money on the table later, because you’re not making any sales and RISK drowning or hire Rick and MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFITS right out of the gate. Rick always hits the bullseye. Hiring him was the best idea I had.”

Need amazing copywriter for funnel and newsletters

“Rick is hands-down the best copywriter I’ve ever worked with! Not only does he have great energy, his experience in persuasive copywriting exceeded my expectations by far. Rick wrote a very successful speech for a summit and I’m extremely grateful that he took the time to go through every single sentence in detail. I wish I had started working with him earlier, he would have helped me convert way more leads for my business! Rick is SO talented and I wouldn’t recommend anybody else.”

Need sales copy written for a landing page and follow up sales page

“Rick is a rock star! And you should hire him. Why? He gave me way more value than I anticipated. We had an initial conversation to set the parameters of the job, and he was so engaged in my content that it wasn’t ten minutes in and he was giving me all kinds of fantastic ideas. In fact, his ideas were so good that they ended up changing the intended direction of my marketing campaign. In addition to him bringing tremendous value to my marketing plan and content, he is a great guy— I genuinely and quickly grew to like him. He is the kind of person I want to be associated with.”

Top Rated Copywriter For Clickbank Product

“I’m not exactly a beginner in marketing, but the moment I started talking with Rick, I was completely mesmerized by his knowledges and deep understanding of psychology and people. I just knew I had to hire him. Rick is just above anyone you could talk to marketingly wise. You’re definitely #1 on my list. Thank you!”

Clickbank copy consultation

“What a copywriting genius, amazing how just a few descriptive words can set the scene for something so dramatic and ultimately snap readers to paying CLOSE attention to what I have to sell them thanks! Rick you’re awesome.”

Clickbank copy consultation

“very knowledgable, helped me tremendously, I cannot say enough good things about him. I am excited to implemented ideas given thank you so much.”

Need help with funnel copywriting!

“WOW! Absolutely amazing experience!! Rick is extremely talented and get work done fast! He was able to write out our entire sales letter within just a few hours. I’m blown away by the quality of the copy. If you’re thinking about hiring Rick, just do it! He is the best copywriter I have found on Upwork!!”

Can you help us with our ClickBank affiliate page?

“Rick is an amazing talent. He gets work done fast! We’re really happy to have him as a part of our team!”

Sales Emails and Conversion Copywriter

“Rick told me what I needed to hear. And he gave me not just information, but also tremendous inspiration to implement the ideas discussed. While I have heard and read some of these ideas before, I didn’t understand the big picture. And that was worth a million dollars plus. And that’s what Rick gave me. A big picture and a plan. Thanks Rick and I look forward to moving forward with you!”

Copy for Website & Sales page

“I was blown away by Rick’s knowledge of ClickBank conversion optimisation! Rick gave me 13 solid ideas I needed to change to optimise my website. He backed up his advice with copy, examples and proof these ideas would work. Compared with others I talked with, there is no comparison. Rick is a true expert at optimization and copywriting! I just had to leave him a great review. Looking forward to taking the next step with Rick!”

Review my Welcome Email Series

“Rick helped to make my email automation campaign 100x more effective. I sent him drafts of several automated emails and revised them from the perspective of an effective marketer who is bringing value and entertainment to my customer. This has resulted in increased sales and more clarity on my end as to what an effective email looks like. I’m only ending this contract so I can leave Rick great feedback, but i plan to work with him more in the future!”

Will you help us with our Copy for our ClickBank product?

“Rick is an absolute delight! We are so glad to have found him on Upwork. He has at least a dozen Top 10 VSL’s in ClickBank and it was clear why. His ability to create emotion in the user is out of this world. When I was reading his copy it made me want to buy my own product, that’s how good it was. I would highly recommend Rick and look forward to working with him again!”

Copywriting Needed

“Wow is all I can say! Rick’s experience and know-how poured out with the consultation. Will be calling on Rick again for his copywriting ninja skills!”

Looking for an creative writer with marketing savvy to write my book blurb

“Great experience. Very quick turnaround. Appreciate his skillset.”

Edit two pages of nutritional supplement sales copy

“Rick is fantastic. Terrific writer and really took the time to understand our brand goals. I highly recommend Rick and look forward to working with him again.”

Looking for an Email copywriter (GetResponse drip campaign – 6 emails)

“Rick’s email copy writing skills were exactly what we were looking for. He is easy to work with, always available for discussion, very professional. He even through in a few ‘extras’ that our client appreciated very much. Great UpWorker!”

Text for the PCSG Smart House website

“Rick is great guy, I like to work with honest and open people. I usually create team of trusted team members as this is the key to the success. With right team you can walk in to burning house and you are sure to come out safe on the other end. I have no hesitation to count Rick in to my trusted team member. Will use him as soon as opportunity arises.”

Looking for Someone to Get My Product Launched

“I spent 3 hours reading bios and descriptions of copywriters on Google and as soon as I came across Rick’s, it was a full stop. I found my guy. His experience, his background, the people he’s worked with, the methodologies he knows – he’s a dream copywriter. I’m one of the top coaches in my market and Rick has changed the way I look at marketing and course building. You can tell his insights come from experience. He’s not bluffing his way through a session. Trust me, I can tell. I love his candor. When he doesn’t know something or tried something, he says I don’t know. Wow, that’s refreshing because others out there seem to have an answer for everything. It lends more gravitas to his coaching. In a business where there are too many charlatans and hucksters out there, Rick is my guy!” David F. | J.D.

Fitness Copywriter

“Have you seen the stuff Rick writes? It’s amazing! He was referred to me by a very respected traffic generation expert. I understand why. Rick writes copy that converts. In the health and fitness space where I am, his experience and expertise shine through. Just check out what people say on Upwork. I know I’m not alone in my thinking. ” – Darren K. | Founder

“I can’t say enough nice things about Rick and his copywriting. I’ve worked with him for 5+ years. His stuff converts, but it goes beyond that. He’s always available to discuss strategy, optimization and new product ideas. Boy, does he know NLP and hypnosis. I’ve learned so much from him about how to get the maximum from my funnels, how to really understand my market and how to position my offers.” – Ed L. | Founder | Verified

Looking for a Copywriting Rockstar

“Rick Duris is a certified copywriting genius. Where other copywriters have failed to convert, Rick and his skills at copywriting, sales, VSLs, email marketing, lead generation, sales letters, B2C, B2B, tons of other projects I’ve used him for has more than carried the day. Whenever I don’t use Rick because of his schedule is booked out, I always seem to get bit in the butt. And end up kicking myself. I’ve used the big names too, but I prefer Rick. He’s got a great attitude. Creative beyond belief. Great at staying in communication. Has no ego. Isn’t an elitist copywriter who is full of himself. His fees are affordable unlike the nose bleed prices others charge. About the only thing I can say that’s kinda bad is he’s a bit of a perfectionist. But it’s true. But in light of everything,” – Tony J. | Chief Technology Officer

Your next steps:

If you have a project and you think we might be a fit, feel free to contact me below. I look forward to hearing from you…

Rick Duris
Skype: copyranger
Email: [email protected]
Cell #: 949-903-4850