In Spartan times, when neighboring states requested military assistance, Leonidas, King of Sparta, would send one man. Just ONE man.

In his reply, the King would write:

“One Riot, One Ranger.”

Modestly speaking, clients and partners have told me I have “the gift.” The gift of writing strong, irresistibly compelling copy.

The kind of copy that converts leads and prospects into A RIOT of customers and clients.

My copywriting results include:

* 13 Clickbank VSLs and sales letters in the ClickBank Top 10

* As high as 7.50 EPCs for email copy

* Sales letters that convert on average between 4% – 6%

* Landing pages to warm traffic that convert as high as 65%…

* Ultra-engaging articles and blogs that gets readers to click the call-to-action…

* Targeted lead generation for SaaS and B2B…

* Native ads for Taboola, MGID, Revcontent, and OutBrain…

* Dozens of appreciative clients

I have deep experience with:

* Jon Benson’s 3X Sellerator

* Clickfunnels

* Ryan Levesque The Ask Method

* Ben Settle-type copy

* Gary Bencivenga and Clayton Makepeace-type copy

* Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert strategy & copy

My copywriting qualities include:

* A conversion copywriter with a 25-year, proven track record of generating sales and profits for clients

* “Has a gift for marketing strategy”

* “Great at optimization”

* Thorough researcher

* Meets deadlines

* Hates typos with a passion

* More than open to feedback and get better

* Willing to do revisions until the copy sings

* A native English speaker

* Uses Google Docs for real-time, transparency and progress status update…

* Responsive, able to move and shift fast

My copywriting training includes:

* Jay Abraham – Almost everything Jay has developed

* Dan Kennedy – Almost everything Dan has developed

* Chet Holmes – Ultimate Sales Machine

* ClickFunnels Expert Training

* Ryan Levesque – The Ask Method

* Russell Brunson – Funnel Scripts & Dot Com Secrets

* Jeff Walker – Product Launch Formula – Video Script

* Ryan Deiss – Video Sales Letter – Formula Copywriter

* 3X Sellerator – Jon Benson – Video Sales Letter Course

* Russ Reynolds – Supplement Copywriting Course

* Autoresponder Madness – Andre Chaperon

* NLP Copywriting – Harland Kilstein Course

* Clayton Makepeace – Desktop Copy Coach Training

* NLP Certification – Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins and others

* Joanna Wiebe – CopyHackers-Trained

Personal stuff:

Currently building out a 9-acre off-grid organic farm in Hawaii. Musician. Into alt health, anti-aging & fitness–especially juicing, supplements & nootropics

Your next steps:

If you have a project and you think we might be a fit, feel free to contact me below. I look forward to hearing from you…

Rick Duris
Skype: copyranger
Cell #: 949-903-4850