13 Daily Activities That Will Double the Size of Your Personal Brand in 6 Months or Less

How is your personal brand doing? No, really—how’s it doing? Do you open your inbox each day to a flood of people talking about how they love being your customer, how you changed their business, health, and life, or how incredible your message is? Or do you open your inbox only to be doused with comments […]

10 Personal Branding Secrets to Use for Social Media

Do your social media profiles scream promotion, promotion, promotion? If so, you could be missing out on the true personal branding power that social media holds. At its best, social media will allow you and your business to be seen and heard as an expert in your field. It allows you to measure your impact […]

4 Tips for Effective Brand Management

As marketers, understanding the basics of brand management is imperative. Brand management is the strategy and analysis behind how the public perceives your brand. It is a challenge to stay true to your product, mix it up with the consumer insights about the brand, and to ultimately come up with the right formula for your brand’s perception… 4 Tips […]