How to Sell to the Subconscious Through Copywriting

It’s well known that your copywriting should be full of benefits if it’s going to be successful.

But it also needs to do something else.

The triggers that make people buy tend happen within their subconscious, so that’s where your copy has to hit them.

Bear with me this makes sense.

There are 3 main aspects to selling to the subconscious that can easily be weaved into your copy.

1. Social proof

Someone is more likely to buy a product if someone they know, respect or admire uses it.

How many shoes, bags or items of clothing have you bought because your favourite actor or singer has been seen wearing/carrying them?

How many bottles of aftershave or perfume have you bought because of a celebrity endorsement?

The reason why you dash out and spend your hard earned cash is because you trust their judgement.

Trust is a huge factor in the buying process. You can promote trust in your products by using case studies, testimonials (especially video testimonials) and endorsements. Even displaying the logos of some of your clients will have a subconscious effect – “if they’re good enough to work for BT, they’re good enough for me.”

How to Sell to the Subconscious Through Copywriting


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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