How to make 8 pieces of content from 1 piece of content

I’m nearing episode 70 of my near-daily video show, Jay Today.

Three times each week (except holiday weeks) I publish 3-minute videos about business, marketing, social media, and life. Of all the content we create here at Convince & Convert, the Jay Today videos are among the strongest performers, especially on Facebook. In fact, I recorded a Jay Today episode about Facebook video surpassing YouTube potentially.

But in addition to creating and posting the videos as videos, Jay Today has become a lynchpin in our initiative to further atomize our content. Each and every Jay Today episode becomes 8 pieces of content across a variety of platforms.

Why Commit to Shooting 3 Videos EVERY Week?

I started the Jay Today show because I believe we will continue to increase our consumption of video (and audio – see our amazing infographic on the rise of podcasting), while our consumption of text declines. I wanted to be out in front of that trend.

Also, I don’t blog as much as I used to, as Convince & Convert has evolved way past being “Jay’s blog” to become one of the leading digital marketing online magazines. We publish 8 posts per week here. I write 1, and am semi-responsible for 2 others. But, I find consistently that I have an opinion on things, but don’t have time or venue to write up a whole blog post about them. Thus, Jay Today became the outlet for my thoughts in a video format that has proven effective, and also gives viewers maybe a little better feel for who I am and what I do compared to what comes across here, in writing.

How to make 8 pieces of content from 1 piece of content


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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