9 Time-Saving Tools for Social Media Marketers

Do you need to spend less time on repetitive social media tasks? Are you looking for tools that let you balance automation with a personal touch? In this article, you’ll discover nine tools to help marketers save time while maintaining a human presence on social media… 9 Time-Saving Tools for Social Media Marketers

Why Burt’s Bees Is Committing to This Crazy Social Marketing Plan

The lip balm giant’s plan to drop the letter B from their products and plant a billion flowers is working. credit: getty images Bees — those busy buzzing insects that help pollinate fully 1/3 of the all food on Earth — are dwindling in number each year. Colony collapse disorder (CCD) has been a leading […]

10 Steps for Creating an Effective LinkedIn Profile [Infographic]

Many people still think of LinkedIn as an online CV, but after launching nearly 13 years ago, it’s developed into the go-to professional network. Whether you’re self-employed and want to reach sales prospects, you’re looking for a new job, or you’re employed and want to network with other people in your industry, making sure your LinkedIn profile is […]