How to Incorporate Facebook Live in Your Social Media Marketing

Over the past year, video has taken the content marketing world by storm. The visual nature of videos allows users to process information with greater speed and clarity than they can via written content. Thus the growing prevalence of video is showing no signs of slowing down, especially when you consider these video marketing statistics. As a marketer, it’s becoming […]

6 Tips for Making a Good Sponsored Facebook Post Even Better

When it comes to crafting a great Facebook post for paid promotion, you can sometimes get overwhelmed by the details. Who should you target, exactly? Is the image right for the post? Will the title inspire people to click (or is it just plain boring)? It’s not easy to put together a really good Facebook post, and it’s even […]

Should You Use Hashtags on Facebook? Here’s What the Research Says

Hashtags are one of the most commonly queried elements of social media marketing, particularly amongst people just starting out. And that makes sense – hashtags can be confusing as they’re not words within a sentence, necessarily, but topic matches that help improve discoverability. Some people think tagging every word will help, because it’ll mean your […]