The Multiple Benefits of Retargeting Ads

It is estimated that only 2% of click-through website visitors convert (aka: make a purchase) on their very first visit to an online store and about 96% of all website visitors visit websites when they’re not ready to buy. So how do you make your business’s website visitors ready to buy? Many marketing professionals advise […]

How to Take Advantage of Instagram Advertising

If you’re anything like the majority of small businesses, you’re interested in being active on Instagram. You have a great product, and you want to show it off on the second most utilized social network. The catch is that you don’t have the time or expertise to snap pics all day to share on the […]

Personalized Advertising Content for the Win

This week, we look at how personalized advertising content, driven by your own customer data, drives real results for both e-commerce purchases and for brick and mortar stores. All of your digital content needs to be both personalized and relevant to your customers, and this holds true for your digital advertising. In a recent study, […]