Discover the link between SEO data and influencer marketing

Why influencer marketing should be in your marketing mix Combining SEO with Influencer Marketing enables you to ensure you are identifying the right influencers, based on the keywords and content campaigns you are already optimizing for. This white paper from gShift includes: why influencer marketing should be in your mix; the link between SEO data […]

How to Use Twitter Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Small Business

This post was originally published on the Twitter Small Business Blog. Influencer marketing. For savvy business owners staying up to date on social media tactics, it may seem like ‘influencers’ are all anyone’s talking about in 2016—and with good reason. A recent study found that influencer marketing pays an average of $11.20 in earned media value […]

5 Dangerous Myths About Influencer Marketing – Busted!

The popularity of influencer marketing has made the field ripe for opportunists to capitalize. That’s what happens when new trends emerge into mainstream marketing: advice and experts start popping up everywhere. Some of that advice is good, some is suspect and plenty is just pure mythology. Like a dragon – just as mythical but also potentially dangerous […]