How I Use Pinterest to Make Content Go Viral

It’s safe to say most people are now familiar with the visual platform Pinterest. Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest has grown into a strong social media tool that allows users (over 70 million today) to create boards for their pins and “pin” from anywhere on the web.

Despite popular belief your business doesn’t need to be product-based to take advantage of its benefits. It’s a blogger, content marketer and business owner’s dream. These days; Pinterest has become my one stop place for guest blogging opportunities, content inspiration, driving traffic that’s rich in SEO benefits and so much more. Not to mention, it has made more of my articles go viral than any other social media platform. It’s a powerful, powerful tool. And if you haven’t yet discovered it, or want to get more out of it – read on.

1. Using Pinterest to Find Better Outreach Opportunities

Any blogger and content marketer can agree finding outreach opportunities can be tedious and time consuming. As a writer, I’m always looking for new ways to reach out to people and Pinterest has not only provided a strong platform for content delivery, but also an outreach avenue.

Pinterest has a specific feature relating to interests. It works on a learning algorithm that bases your individual interests on what you’ve pinned before. The more you use the platform, the more the categories create a specifically organised structure relevant and personalised to your experience. If you are using Pinterest for business too, these boards become industry related presenting a world of opportunities for you to tap into.

I’ve been doing just that. Not only have I been introduced to new outreach opportunities through the specific-interest tool, but just by browsing categories that relate to the industries I write in, I’ve come across oodles of possible websites to approach for guest posts and industry quotes for articles. You can come across potential websites in one or two ways. Pinterest puts you (and your content) directly in front of a niche audience.

1.       Search under your chosen category (industry) and browse through pinners. To find out if they have a blog or website, click on their profile to find the link. Ideally, you want a pinner that ‘pins’ frequently or has a lot of boards relevant to your industry.

How I Use Pinterest to Make Content Go Viral


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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