How To Create Reusable Marketing Message Campaigns To Drive Website Traffic

Would you like to learn how to schedule social media posts about YOUR website in Bulk? If you don’t share things about you, who will? Lately I’ve been doing what seems to be fishing expeditions online, trying to figure out who or what folks are about. Seems to be we have one extreme where folks share all about themselves only and the other extreme where they share nothing at all. Why would someone not share about themselves on social media? Especially with regard to their business and what they do.

Yes, this is yet another blog about self promotion! Bare with me as I share with you a tool, our very own BundlePost to help you schedule your social media posts about your website, or otherwise your marketing messages and content! What we refer to as our “My Content” section in BundlePost.  This BundlePost feature enables social media agencies to easily store and schedule marketing content for their clients and themselves.

Let me simplify all that for you – It’s not just for social media agencies. If you have a website that you need to share on social platforms then BundlePost is the perfect tool to allow you to schedule posts, efficiently, strategically and in bulk.

There’s no question whether you should or shouldn’t self promote. It’s a must! According to GlobalWebIndex “A quarter of internet users say that social network-based retail stores make them more likely to purchase online. Globally, 7 in 10 active Facebook users say they have bought a product online in the past month, with the equivalent figure among Twitter’s active user base climbing to approach the three-quarter mark.”

Without getting into great detail of why, what or when to promote yourself, I thought I would instead get into the ‘How’ to promote yourself by using a friends website as an example (But for those of you who want the details, I highly recommend reading -> How to Maintain Consistent Website and Content Traffic through Social Media)

How To Create Reusable Marketing Message Campaigns To Drive Website Traffic


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