Hot Content: Social Analytics for Marketing Automation 2015

screen-capture-1Image: Wordcloud of 193k mentions of Marketing Automation technology

In the next of a series of Social Insights from Creation, we wanted to look on the very hot topic of Marketing Automation, and whats been trending since Jan 1st.

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So…this data represents the 1st Jan to 15th Feb and gives a Global view of Marketing Automation conversations drivers for this time.

Some Summary Data:

– there were around 200k discussions about Marketing Automation and the brands, with Twitter dominating the conversation (over 180k)

– using NLP we can see that around 8% of the conversation were very positive and about 1% negative

– the top mentioned manufacturer of MA software, by far, was Hubspot (which you can clearly see from the wordcloud). A lot of mentions of Hubspot coming from Hubspot too.

Hot Content: Social Analytics for Marketing Automation 2015


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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