5 Reasons Sales Should Love Marketing Automation

hands_in_heart_skyContacting a clueless prospect is now a rare occurrence. Because of the information resources at their disposal, customers in nearly every industry have developed a taste for self-directed learning. They no longer view sales representatives as their main source of information about products or the marketplace.

In response to this paradigm shift, digital marketing has become a cornerstone of many businesses and an engine for lead generation programs. But increasingly powerful marketing teams have led to inconsistent alignment with Sales — not for lack of trying, but rather for lack of intuitive systems that connect the two departments.

Ultimately, the customer suffers from this divide, because in one way or another she interacts with both Marketing and Sales during her purchasing journey.

Intriguingly, marketing automation — perhaps the most powerful tool marketers have at their disposal — may be the proverbial bridge between Marketing and Sales. In truth, these systems may even benefit Sales more than their intended comrades in Marketing.

Let’s examine the details. Here are five reasons why sales teams should love marketing

5 Reasons Sales Should Love Marketing Automation


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