Guarantee Your Web-Writing Business – Without Getting Ripped Off

As a web writer, you likely know a solid guarantee will result in more sales of your client’s product or service.

In fact, Dan Kennedy (one of the highest-paid copywriters in the world) calls a guarantee — or “risk reversal” — “the most powerful sales technique in the world.”

What is a guarantee?

A basic guarantee simply offers to return the customer’s money to them, if they return the product within a specified time period.

Of course, the more fair and unconditional you make the guarantee, the more the response will increase. Here are just a few things you can include to make a guarantee more powerful:

  • Include a longer time frame for claiming the guarantee. For instance, a 90-day guarantee typically gets better results than one for 30 days. Likewise, 365 days should get better results than 90 days.

    Marketers say this works because the longer the time frame, the more trust you build. That leads to more sales. A second benefit is that a longer time frame results in fewer returns because more customers forget about returning the item.

  • Make the guarantee more “risk free” by limiting the conditions attached. For instance, if you say the item has to be returned “in the original packaging” you can expect a lower response than if you say, “return the item in any condition — even if you used it for an entire year.”

Here are a few examples:

Guarantee Your Web-Writing Business – Without Getting Ripped Off


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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