Do You Really Need Comments on a Blog in Today’s Mobile First World?

In this mobile driven, social age, comments are no longer driving meaningful engagement.

They are messy, painful to deal with and in the vast majority of the time nothing more than “mini ads” for the commenter.

Your business is much better off putting time and resources into other aspects of your marketing: social media channel build out, content marketing or even PR.

Mobile Visitors are Killing Comments

Mobile users have the attention spans of distracted gnats – web site load times under two seconds are even turning them off. Are they going to take the time to comment on a post on a web site? No!

Or, if they do comment, 50% of the time it will be self-serving pablum, that’s ego driven or, with link spam. See: YouTube Comments.

That is assuming they can a) get to a blog post on your site; b) read the whole post and c) really make a meaningful comment. Possible but not probable the vast majority of the time, which is a “comment” on usability.

Comment Apps and Services Increase Web Site Load Times and Hurt the User Experience

Load times determine whether or not you site is accessed by visitors. Speed kills or thrills. In this case speed is essential to driving a good user experience.

Cloud based comment apps and services, in spite of what many vendors tell you, can have a negative impact on your load times.

Do You Really Need Comments on a Blog in Today’s Mobile First World?


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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