11 Methods That Will Make Your Content Marketing Campaign Go Viral

Have you ever wondered how some bloggers and online entrepreneurs manage to crank out tons and tons of useful and exciting new content on a daily basis, and others… …well, others can’t even crank out one useful piece of content a month! And don’t even get me started on marketing it. There are a number […]

Why Data Alone Can’t Dictate Your Marketing Decisions

I am a big advocate of data-backed content marketing and insist on writing data-backed posts, because crunched data shows promising patterns that your website visitors or social media followers might follow. So, is there no place for human intuition in businesses? Can machine-based algorithms and tools give the complete picture for lifting your business sales?… […]

5 Key Components of an Effective Local Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing has risen to become one of the top marketing strategies in recent times, with most organizations now investing at least some part of their marketing budget on a content strategy. In fact, a recent survey by Content Marketing Institute found that nearly 76% organizations in the U.S planned to increase content creation in 2016… 5 Key […]