Why words are only part of the story.

People with effective websites know that a good user experience is everything.

Even the best copywriters know that the right words can sometimes be tricky to find, but even when you’ve found them, that’s not enough. What you also need to think about is how your words are presented to the reader.

Here are 5 tips:


1. Be minimalistic.

Companies are starting to implement a ‘less is more’ strategy when it comes to marketing and advertising campaigns for a reason – it’s effective.

In a very noisy world, this is a subtle technique that copywriters have been advocating the use of for a long time.


2. Be clever with your use of punctuation.

It dictates how a reader will interpret what you’re writing, from the speed at which they’re able to read the web page to the key points they’ll take away with them.

Big brands use punctuation to control the way you feel about their products and services in ways you’re probably not even aware of. But don’t be too put off by this – effective copywriting isn’t about going back to school or following rules, it’s about getting creative within carefully defined parameters.

Why words are only part of the story.


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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