5 Steps to Stellar Copywriting

stellar copywritingYou know what it’s like. You’ve spent hours creating copy for your latest project, the deadline is looming and you quickly finish it, compose a covering email and then hit send.

Was it really your best work?

Does the headline really stand out?

Have you really given the reader what they want?

The answer is in the return email you get from your client – no.

Not only do you have to be a great communicator to be a great copywriter, you also need to know how to effectively evaluate and edit your work before your client sees it.

Let’s take a look at 5 steps you can take to make sure (or as far as possible) your copy is smoking hot.

Keywords and phrases

I0f it’s SEO copy you’ve been working on, you must make sure you’ve exploited all opportunities for using your keywords (and associated synonyms), but without over doing it.

If you were taught you had to have a certain number of keywords in your content, forget it. You don’t.

All you have to do is keep asking yourself whether your reader is going to love what you’re writing.

In other words write like a human because it’s your readers who need convincing (not Google) and Google wants high quality, informative content. It’s not interested in how many times you can squeeze a phrase into your work.

If, when you read it out loud (yes, something you should always do before sending your work off) it sounds stilted, unnatural and repetitive you’ve got it wrong. Write with personality, use your keywords, but also add in synonyms and remember that you don’t have to use your keywords and phrases exactly every time.

5 Steps to Stellar Copywriting


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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