The Power of Joined Up Marketing

Why you need content, social media and SEO in your marketing strategy

Do you see content marketing, social media and SEO as three separate entities?

If you do, you’re probably not seeing the results you want from your marketing activities.

Content marketing is a must because. Social media widens your reach. SEO (search engine optimisation) boosts your visibility. But all are ineffective without the others.

Want to know how these 3 elements work together?

Blogging and content generation

Blogging is the most popular form of content marketing. It helps you share your expertise with your audience and attracts people to your website.

But if you just write, publish, write, publish you’re limiting your effectiveness.

Your blogs must be written with a clear SEO strategy in mind. That means using relevant keywords (but not stuffing them) to help your articles get found. Then, to amplify their reach make sure you promote them through your social media channels.

Newsletters and email marketing

There’s no better way to get your content out to your customers than through newsletters and email marketing.

When you’ve got great content you want to shout about, send it to them, or a snippet with a link back to your blog. And make sure your social media links are clearly shown so people can choose to interact with you through those channels too.

Online Media

A great way to extend your influence is by approaching industry websites, magazine and bloggers to see if they’ll accept you as a guest blogger.

Again, use SEO (keywords) to increase visibility and promote through your social media platforms,

The Power of Joined Up Marketing


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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