The New Rules of Modern Marketing

Oracle Corporation’s top executive Mark Hurd guides today’s marketers through an ever-changing industry.


There seems to be just one constant in today’s modern marketing landscape: change.

“It’s a different world; it’s a different way of even processing information,” said Oracle Corporation‘s CEO Mark Hurd in an intimate roundtable at this year’s Modern Marketing Experience conference in Las Vegas. In the personal meeting, Hurd explained exactly how today’s marketers can build genuine, positive relationships with customers whose expectations—and time—are becoming increasingly more stringent. “Ultimately, you need the right tools, and campaigns, that help target [customers with the right message] and help provide those positive relationships that customers now expect.”

Hurd said that the right tools and strategies enable modern marketers to not just cull data about consumers, but extract those all-important insights—in real time. “Unlike the past, modern applications have data integrated in apps. Analytics have to be integrated into the core of your app because today you cannot afford to wait and analyze the data; you can’t afford to wait and respond to the customer,” Hurd said. “When you’re dealing with customer relationships, you have only a certain number of times to make a true impact. Analytics, particularly predictive analytics, are the way to do that.”…

The New Rules of Modern Marketing


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