Social Media Marketing: How to Attract People with Blogging

Blogging is an excellent method of luring prospective as well as existing customers – provided you know how to masterfully craft a blog.

You must understand that the purpose of blogging is to consistently attract people and for this you need to know what people most want to read.

It is said – and rightly too – that social media is blogger’s best friend. You can use social media to share your blogs and also use the social media sites as a source for getting materials for your upcoming blogs.

A blog is a powerful tool to raise your business’s online visibility and to generate leads. But only write what people want to hear and do not overly brag about your own brand and cheaply promote your products. If people find your blogs as a piece of self-advertisement, they will sooner than later run away.

To improve traffic to your blogs, you should you have social widgets at the bottom of each blog post and you should be posting your work on every social media site you are active on.

Yet another success formula is to reach out to bloggers who contribute to your area of expertise and write a really unique post for their site.

You must learn the art of title strategy. Please remember attention-grabbing titles are an open invitation to readers. Make your title precise, relevant, interesting, and sharable.

Please bear in mind that posting blogs at regular intervals is crucial – preferably twice a week. There should be a sense of expectation and people should keenly look forward to receiving your next blog. If you are regular with your blog posts, the greater are the chances of your building a loyal audience.

Write about matters you are passionate about and there should be an element of sincerity in what you say. If your blogs are hollow and devoid of useful content or if you sound hypocritical, people will desert you at the earliest.

The more authentic your blog posts are the better the response you are going to get. Be imaginative and creative, use research, and understand what exactly is going on in the blogosphere.

If people subscribe to your blog, you increase the chances of acquiring their business by your sheer ability to consistently provide quality information.

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Social Media Marketing: How to Attract People with Blogging


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