SEO and Copywriting in 2015: How to Copywrite Like You Mean It

Guess what? SEO is still important this year. That’s not surprising, but you should know there’s more emphasis on specific areas when it comes to best practices for SEO copywriting. Digital marketers should consider semantic searches, satisfying web users’ growing demands, providing valuable insight, establishing domain authority, and optimizing for mobile devices. These work toward your businesses’ goals of increased rankings and positive user experiences. Keep this guide in your pocket for quick reference as 2015 unfolds.

1. Conduct keyword research
Keyword research remains vital in discovering which terms and phrases your target audience uses most frequently when searching for your services and products. We all know keyword stuffing is taboo as far as search engines are concerned. The best approach is to write persuasive, compelling content that reads naturally while infusing relevant keywords in the proper spots. Leveraging actual search terms satisfies your readers, Google and, therefore, your rankings. Find ways to work the most important keywords into your headings and subheadings, too. This strategy emphasizes the meaning of your page to search engine bots.

SEO and Copywriting in 2015: How to Copywrite Like You Mean It


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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