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sensory metaphors

Substitute sensory metaphors to engage your reader’s brain – See more at:

It shouldn’t surprise Neuromarketing readers that choice of words is important when writing headlines, taglines, or copy, but brain scans show how specific words can have the same meaning but activate different areas of the brain. Emory University researcher Krish Sathian has shown that words that words related to texture, for example, activate areas of the brain associated with touch – even when their usage has nothing to do with tactile sensations. (Abstract, and an interview with Sathian.)

The study looked at phrases that involved “textural methaphors” in which words associated with texture were used in a metaphorical or figurative manner. Subjects also heard the same phrases in which a non-textural word had been used to create the same meaning. For example,

Persuade with Silky Smooth Copy


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