There’s a New Winning Video Sales Letter in Town (Check This Out)

There’s a New Winning Video Sales Letter in Town (Check This Out)

I recently posted on FB about a VSL my team and I are currently dissecting.

It’s awesome in all respects. A work of art. I didn’t write it, but I’ll tell you I wish I had. It is extremely well done in all respects.

Let me back up.

High-converting video sales letters (VSLs) can generate literally millions of dollars for their owners. Marketers can pay a king’s ransom to a copywriter for having one written.

That’s because winning VSLs are MONEY-GUSHERS. It’s practically winner takes all.

There’s one I’m really impressed with called Manifestation Miracle. It appeals to the folks who believe in the law of attraction and abundance. The Secret stuff.

As I write this, it’s #3 on ClickBank, with a gravity of 122. Impressive.

clickbank copywriter manifestation miracle

I chatted with the owner, Mark Ling for a bit on Friday. Popped up unexpectedly on FB and I took advantage of the opportunity. I was gushing about the VSL and Mark was very generous with his information. (Thanks, Mark!)

On average, the VSL is converting at 2.8% on email traffic. And on some lists as high as 10%.

That’s great! (No, he didn’t say how it was doing on cold traffic.)

To get it to that point, it went through about 20 split tests, before the final animated graphics were produced.

Mark tells me one of his staff, Angie wrote the copy. (Kudos to Angie!) Angie’s been coached and trained by the best in the business–The David Garfinkel and Brian McLeod team. John Carlton. Chris Haddad and Jon Benson.

Doesn’t get any better than that.

From a copywriting perspective, it takes a lot to write one. This particular VSL oozes with compelling, emotionally-laden, sensory-rich language.

But what Mark told me is what really makes it work is… THE OFFER. So go ahead and watch it if you get the chance. I realize you may not be the market, but seeing how a particular VSL gets the sales job done is always a worthwhile lesson.

PS: You’re probably wondering “Where are your VSLs, Rick?”

Oh, I have mine, to be sure. A handful are controls. But the truth is they’re actually my Partners and Clients. For competitive reasons, I’m not to eager to call attention to them. No matter how successful they are.

Last thing I want is someone like me aiming to knock my VSLs off their respective perches. šŸ˜‰


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