How You Can Make Blog Marketing Work for You in 2015

This year there are new opportunities emerging around us. There’s nothing new about blogging, though, and this powerhouse online marketing channel promises to give more bang for your marketing buck this year. And precisely because it has been around for quite some time now, we’ve learned quite a few things about how to make blog marketing work for you.


A lot of people are thinking about blog marketing the wrong way. The thing about online marketing is that it does not work in a straight line. Very few people are going to buy something from you the first time they visit. But they will remember what they read in your blog if you have great content. And if what you put out there is consistently good, high quality and relevant, it will resonate with your visitors and they will likely keep coming back for more information. The “coming back” part – that’s the start of building familiarity, then trust then finally establishing a relationship with your readers. And building a relationship with them, or at least enhancing your reputation, is what matters. That is what your blog should be all about…

How You Can Make Blog Marketing Work for You in 2015


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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