How to Find Niche Questions That Can Inspire Your Writing

As writers and content marketers, we are expected to be a veritable fountain of unending creativity. Every second we are awake we are supposed to be pumping out ideas like they are going out of style. And we might wish that to be true, but fact of the matter is we tend to get more tapped out than anyone.

Writer’s block can hit whether you are a creative writer, or a technical one. Trying to come up withtopics for a blog, as an example, can be really difficult. After all, you constantly have to come up with new ideas, or at least fresh takes on old ones. Not only are you doing that for your owncontent, but you are also competing with the millions of other bloggers out there, many who are writing about the same thing.

I have found one of the easiest ways to be inspired when I am in a dry spell is throughquestions. These marvelous little language nuggets can spark a whole symphony of new thoughts, concepts, and even other questions that can inspire you further.

Here are four awesome resources for you to turn to for questions that help inspire your writing.

How to Find Niche Questions That Can Inspire Your Writing


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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