Creating Appetizing Content for Social Media

Creating Appetizing Content for Social MediaTake a moment, and liken your social media flow to how a restaurant prepares and serves food. You’ve got your editorial team acting as chefs in the kitchen, whipping up content, and your social media platforms functioning as the wait staff to that content, distributing it to your online communities. Any successful restaurateur will tell you that no matter how amazing the food may be, if it’s not served properly, the customer isn’t going to be receptive. The same goes for connecting with your audience through content on social media: It has to be presented in a way that makes it appetizing to your audience.

Are you optimizing your content for social media consumption? Here are some tips for chopping up your content on social media so that your audience can savor the flavor and come back for more:

Creating Appetizing Content for Social Media


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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