Can Mobile Push Notifications Replace Marketing Emails?

Smartphone notifications are all the rage. Contributor Aaron Strout explores when they’re useful and how they fit with marketers’ email strategy.

Twin Design / Shutterstock.comIf you have a smartphone, chances are you get regular push notifications from apps like Facebook, your bank, your favorite news sites etc.

These notifications exist on most (if not all) of the major mobile operating systems and range from: “dumb” (not informed by anything other than the fact that you have an app, your notifications for that app are turned on, and the company that built the app decided it wants to send out a message) to “smart” (informed by the user’s location, time of day, proximity to someone or something or triggered by an activity).

While the number of these alerts have grown in volume over the last several years (and will continue to grow), inevitably the amount of spammy alerts will also increase. At present, 52% of users enable push messaging on their mobile devices.

Can Mobile Push Notifications Replace Marketing Emails?


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