Build Your Bloggers’ Brand To Get Hired

“How do I find a job as a paid blogger?” “Do you really make enough money to live off of?” “Isn’t paid blogging for people who are already working in an industry?” “Are you a blogger for hire?” I cannot tell you how often I have heard these questions, and yet people rarely believe my answers. Yes, you can get paid to blog. Yes, you can make enough money to live off of. Yes, you can do it without having any credibility in an industry.

The downside? It takes time to build up a blogging career, just like any other kind. The upside is that the process is different than it is with most career climbing processes. The trick is not to bulk up your resume, but to build a personal brand within your chosen industry so that you gain a little circle of regular clients.

Doing this has an additional benefit: with a personal bloggers’ brand, you can start creating your own blog and building it into an authority in itself. Which will lead to better jobs, for better pay, with most visibility that adds to your brand, and launches your personal blog and brand even higher. Which leads to better jobs, better pay… you see what I am getting at?

Build Your Bloggers’ Brand To Get Hired


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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