Blogging Fears: I Can’t Write

Woo Hoo!  You’ve decided to blog. You’ve set up your site, added a header, followed all the instructions in my blogging guide and now you are hesitant. You know you have to write something, but the words won’t come. You’ve looked over the tips for writer’s block; you’ve been for a walk, you’ve taken a bath and you’ve read the newspaper, but you still can’t write and press publish.

Your inner dragons are telling you not to post something because the site needs a new plugin (to make it perfect), and your partner is saying how proud of you they are. When can they read something? You don’t have writer’s block and you know you don’t need plugins to make your blog better, you know in your heart what the problem is.

But you still don’t write and hit publish.

It’s not that you don’t want to write it’s just that you think you can’t. You read the big blogs where writers tell you have to have pretty sentences and orderly paragraphs. Occasionally you dare over to the site that helps readers with their grammar issues. But even after the help and advice you’ve read, you still tremble at the thought of putting fingers to keyboard, typing a post and pressing “publish”.

Writing is big business. From copywriters to journalists, writing is a way of communicating ideas, and writers can be some of the most harsh people on the planet. Some of them think it’s okay (in their opinion) to leave you and your blogging dreams crushed. I’m here to tell you its not and that it’s time to stop worrying about your writing.

Blogging Fears: I Can’t Write


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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