How to Write Powerful Headlines & Hook Readers

Ever wonder how some bloggers always get you to read their posts? You stay on their site and keep clicking around at over a half a dozen irresistible articles. Well here’s the secret, it’s in the headlines.

Let’s face it we live in a skim and scan society. People are on the prowl for quick bites of information to chew, digest, and move on. In a world of tweets, vine, and texts, our brains are literally being transformed on how we process information. From a recent article on theWashington Post:

Humans … seem to be developing digital brains with new circuits for skimming through the torrent of information online.

Headlines, you could say are the ‘tweets’ of your blog. Will they get noticed and clicked on, or will your visitors just pass over it and turn into another statistic of a bounced visitor. Learning how to write powerful headlines takes practice, research, and a little creativity. After reading this you will know:

How to Write Powerful Headlines & Hook Readers


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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