seven_by_enframedAnother year and more questions facing B2B Marketing Leaders. We are faced with a rapidly changing digital economy and evolving buyer behaviors. Challenging the best plans and intentions drawn up for 2015.  Each year begets a new set of questions, which confront B2B organizations and B2B Marketing Leaders.

Let us take a look at 7 very pressing questions:

  1. Do we really know our buyers and customers?

A few decades ago, the famed management guru PETER DRUCKER stated one of the most important question a business has to answer is: Who is our customer? For CMO’s and marketing leaders, this remains their most significant question. They must contend with internal beliefs the organization does know everything about its’ customers. This contention is the reason behind rephrasing the question. In my HELPFUL calls from all over the world, one of the most prominent discussions relate to how to make the case an organization truly does not understand everything about its customers. That, a business may be operating on old assumptions about its customers. My advice to CMO’s and marketing leaders today is to challenge these assumptions with rephrasing Drucker’s questions to focus on whether an organization truly does know everything about its customers.

7 Big Questions for B2B Marketing Leaders in 2015


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