6 Secrets to Writing a Better Brand Positioning Statement

A brand positioning statement is a concise version of your mission or vision statement. Sound intimidating? Well, they shouldn’t be. They are actually pretty simple to construct. These read, “I am a [noun, such as coach] who helps [audience, for example women] [result, i.e get healthy] so they can [benefit, for instance love their life!]”

While easy to create, a lot aspiring speakers, bloggers, authors, coaches and consultants create brand positioning statements that aren’t very memorable — “I am a speaker who helps women become their best self!”

Here’s how to make your position stronger and unforgettable.

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1. Be more specific about what you do.

With your ideal customer in mind, be as specific as you can. For example, don’t just say, “I am a speaker.” What kind of speaker? A motivational speaker? A breakout session speaker? A marketing speaker? A keynote speaker?

6 Secrets to Writing a Better Brand Positioning Statement


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