4 Ways to Start Relationship Marketing

Relationships are the basis of our connections with consumers, existing customers, potential clients, fellow employees, and peers. If there were a way to distinguish your marketing technique from one relationship style to the next, would you take advantage of that? Of course you would. To better understand what relationship marketing is, put yourself in the shoes of a customer service representative. They’re not the ones coming up with the advertisements or marketing strategies, however, they are the ones portraying a sense of individualism from one customer to the next in order to form authentic relationships. As marketers, we need to be more like those customer service reps if we hope to develop sincere, lasting relationships between our business and its consumers.

The difference between selling our product on the sales floor and selling ourselves as advocates for our business will be the way in which we attempt to draw in consumers. Rather than pitch a tangible item, our goal is to create a bond between customers and the brand our business stands behind. If this task is achieved, we will find ourselves in a profitable position resulting from positive word-of-mouth, long-lasting business ties, and accurate consumer information. We’ve come up with 4 ways you can maneuver relationship marketing into your existing marketing strategy to gain lasting consumer relationships…

4 Ways to Start Relationship Marketing


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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