11 Reflective Blogging Tips & Ideas

Why Blog?
You don’t start blogging for awards. Although they’re nice!  I’m a finalist in the Edublog Awards – voting ends Monday..So,  If you have ever found this blog helpful, colorful, or neat  – with one click on the “Like” thumb below, you could help make my Mom & Dad proud and I would be forever grateful! 🙂

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Blogging is optional – Do not let anyone force or guilt you to start a blog. You blog because you are passionate about your profession, and have ideas & content to share with potential readers. If you blog it, they will come. Eventually. It may just take a while! Don’t give up! I blogged for YEARS out the aethernets and for a handful of readers! And you surely don’t start blogging for comments. If you are expecting comments when you start blogging you’re gonna be quickly discouraged and give up. I get about 6 or 7 comments per blog post and most all of those are spam. That’s why I treasure and am grateful for each and every REAL comment I get!
Now, I am in NO WAY saying I’m an expert blogger, (or writer! Ha!) but I do have some reflective ideas and tips for blogging that I’ve gathered over the years that I’d like to share. Why 11 tips? Because 11 is 1 more than 10. (Bonus points if you catch that movie reference!)


11 Reflective Blogging Tips & Ideas


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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