Writing Copy is a Lot Like Alpine Cycling


Trust me, after having spent the last 10 days cycling in the French Alps, I am well qualified to make that judgement.

There’s nothing like cycling for hours on end up hill to clear your mind. One climb in particular, Col de Rosalend (a super category climb of 20km), reminded me of what I go through every time I take on a new copywriting project.

Surrounded by stunning scenery, it doesn’t take long for your mind to be cleared of all those annoying things that have been bugging you for days. That is stage 1 of creating great copy.

Stage 1

When you begin a project its important you forget who you are.

The writing you create has to represent your client. There’s no room for your personality. It’s your job to forget who you are and how you would phrase things, and take on the persona of your client.

That’s why its important to meet your clients, or at least speak with them via telephone or Skype, so you can get a feel for who they are and what they want to achieve.

Stage 2

Getting back to the bike, you’re now reaching one of the toughest parts. The gradient has shot up to an average of 8% and you’re crawling along at about 6-7mph.

Every project comes with a steep learning curve.

In a short period of time, you have to get up to speed with a business your client’s been running for umpteen years.

Writing Copy is a Lot Like Alpine Cycling


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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