Writing Blind: Jumpstart Your Creativity

Thanks all for the great feedback on BlindWrite. Given the great support, I’m hoping to spend the time to build it out into a powerful writing tool for you.

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Update 8/14/14:

This post inspired me to create a web app to help jumpstart your writing. You can try it out at BlindWrite.co. Learn more about BlindWrite here.

“Turn off your monitor.”
“You want me to do what?”
“I want you to turn off your monitor and write for 10 minutes without looking at what you’re writing.”

This was the craziest thing I’d ever heard. Ms. DeMerrit may have been a grouchy old writing professor, but I knew she knew how to get results out of her students so I did as she suggested.

“If you can’t see what you’re writing, you won’t stop to think about what you’ve said. You engineers are especially the worst. Turn off your mind. You don’t need to analyze right now. You just need to get your thoughts out. You can fix the grammar, flow, and style later.”

It was a crazy idea, but it worked and I still use this technique to jumpstart my writing to this day.

For the next 30-days, I want you to stop overthinking, turn off your monitor, and share what’s on your mind every day.

Writing Blind: Jumpstart Your Creativity


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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