Why Blogging Can Help Your SEO: A 110% Increase the Easy Way

When you say you “blog”, people usually giggle and relate you to their perception of a blogger, which is a geek typing on his computer and expressing his feelings publicly.

Well, that may be true in many cases (don’t giggle, bloggers are sensitive!) but there are also other reasons why people blog, like sharing a case study or review, announcing a new product, sharing exciting company news and building new relationships. And some even blog to make money.

Much though some like to look down on it, blogging isn’t always just a pastime, just a mindless exercise of expression, or just a sweat-free endeavor.  Many times, it involves hard work.  In exchange for that work, the best bloggers get some type of return, from improved reputation to actual money.  Either way, the return is something they can treat as a resource later on.

Bloggers actually have to think about a lot of things.  Take these, for instance:

  • What you are going to write about
  • Who you are writing for
  • How you are going to relate the content to the readers
  • What your end goal is

And that’s not even an exhaustive list.  The last item is usually the most important.  End goals vary, of course, but for many blog owners today, the end goal is usually the same: money.

Why Blogging Can Help Your SEO: A 110% Increase the Easy Way


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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