Which Blog Types Work Best For Your Personal Brand?

Having an active blog for your personal brand is an important marketing tool which can attract more visitors and provide more opportunity for sales of your product or services. Did you know that the style of content is just as essential to reach your target market and elevate your online reputation?

There are several types of blog posts that you can use depending on the needs of your audience, and your niche. Knowing this will enable you to know more of what to write about, and not leave a gaping hole in your content marketing strategy.

Here are 5 blog types to consider:

1. The human approach. Personal interest and success stories are popular online, especially when this includes an accolade for an influencer in your industry. This not only creates more of an awareness for your personal brand, but also encourages growth in your network. If your company has employees, feature them as well or include an individual achievement that people can relate to.

2. Draw attention with graphics and videos. Written content does go a long way in marketing, but your personal brand might consider adding infographics, how-to images, personal photos, and informative and fun videos to the mix. Infographics especially are well received and often encourage sharing. This type of content can be created with easy to use online tools with ideas generated right from your existing text articles.

Which Blog Types Work Best For Your Personal Brand? 


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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