What’s your unfair content advantage?

Every business, if you look hard enough, has an unfair advantage. The trick is to find yours and work it for all its worth.

Here are six ways that businesses can make the most of what they’ve got…

The aww factor

‘Never work with children or animals,’ as WC Fields may or may not have said. I can never work out whether this was because they’re difficult to deal with, or because they have a tendency to steal the scene.

Shameless scene-stealing is exactly what you want your content marketing to achieve, of course, as with this absurdly cute video from Paultons Park, probably best known as the home of Peppa Pig World.

The title says it all really: Meerkat Kittens venture outside for first time.

Why not a whole email programme for signed-up visitors (and their children) tracking the progress of Tiny Tim (pictured), ‘our smallest and cutest meerkat’?

What’s your unfair content advantage?


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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