The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Your Magento Store Sales

ALEXA rankings suggest that 26% of the world’s top 1mn websites use Magento. The problem of attracting customers has been an age old problem, but what do you do once the consumer walks into your online Magento store? There’s no salesperson to offer them products, press upon them the importance of the “latest range” or make a compelling sale. There are a couple of tips and tricks to the job, however, which can guarantee a successful turnover for just about any business! Read on to find out exactly what you have to do to generate a booming business!

eCommerce Magento salesSTOP the Customer From Exiting the Cart!

Once you get a customer to your website, it is crucial that you prevent them from leaving a product in their cart and just exiting when they wish to. Often, people just exit the website when they discover that there is no secure payment method. Adding a secure gateway should be the first step in building a website; if you haven’t yet looked into it, then you should do that pronto! A second, even cleverer approach is to offer the customer absolutely no chance to second guess. If your site offers coupons, ensure that customers know how to use them (and for what) rather than having them visiting their cart, enter the code, and then exit…

The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Your Magento Store Sales


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