The Powerful 17 Step Journey of a Simple Tweet

Traveler Woman Sitting On Suitcase On RoadMy first tweet was underwhelming.

It had no link, was short and sweet and included just 3 words. “Watching the Cricket“. Now for some of you that will seem strange. Why was Jeff watching an insect? For those of you who live in London, India or New Zealand and other countries, they will know that “Cricket” is also something else!

When I started on Twitter my understanding was limited of what a tweets true potential could be.  But an insight into social media’s addictiveness was revealed in one of my first stumbling attempts at a blog post.

That insight turned into a journey to uncover how I could make Twitter work for me as an online entrepreneur, digital marketer and a blogger…

The Powerful 17 Step Journey of a Simple Tweet


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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