The Biggest Mistake Content Marketers Make Occurs Before They Even Start Publishing

If you’re a marketer or a CMO looking to add content to your portfolio, you’ve got some jumbo questions to answer. The chances are high that your company, like the vast majority of organizations that don’t sell content as a product, currently has zero content-creating infrastructure, structured roles for ongoing content management, or documented strategy. But you want all the juicy benefits that content can deliver for your brand, so you’re throwing serious time and money behind it.

If you’re like the majority of marketers at this stage, you quite logically begin by looking for someone who can help. Your first step is typically to create a new position and post a job description. It may be for an editor-in-chief, or content manager, or VP of content—no matter the title, the purpose of this hire is the same: to create, establish, and then run your content program.

The second you post that job description and wait passively for resumes to come in, the changes are high that you’ve just made a crucial error. By leaping into hiring without first making a plan and laying a foundation for your new hire to build on, you’re creating a house of cards that has a high chance of collapsing, costing you time and money with little to no ROI. Here are the reasons why.

1. Establishing a content strategy is critical before you start hiring.

Before you kick off a new content site, newsletter, Tumblr, blog, or anything else for your brand, there are key actions you need to take and questions you need to answer. These include:

The Biggest Mistake Content Marketers Make Occurs Before They Even Start Publishing


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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