Why Interactives are the Next Big Thing in Content Marketing

interactive-clickVisual content is taking the web by storm.Infographics. Motion graphics. Micro-content.It’s hard to keep track of it all.

I’m here to talk about interactive graphics – the cool new kids on the block when it comes to visual content – and why they’re the next big thing in content marketing.

What makes an Inter-ACTIVE?

Interactive graphics, or ‘interactives’ for short, are like the Transformers of visual content: They can take on a variety of forms. You can find an interactive that’s a microsite, dashboard, or a map, to name a few. But at the core, they’re all visualizations that allow viewers to explore the information presented for themselves.

By definition, interactives engage viewers in a very active way – and that engagement can beincredibly powerful to marketers. People viewing interactives spend more time on the page, seeing a brand associated with content that interests them, all at their own pace.

If infographics blew up because they caught people’s attention where a boring report wouldn’t, interactives are blowing up because they catch people’s attention – and hold it.

The difference comes down to being active versus passive. People consume information in infographics and motion graphics passively, by sitting and staring at whatever’s on their screen. Interactives, however, are more dynamic: The information you see can change depending on where you click and scroll.

Interactives make consuming content an active, not passive, experience.

The Power of Three: When to Go Interactive

Now, making content more active is great, but don’t ditch the infographics and motion graphics quite yet. A smart marketer needs to know when to make their content active. As always, context is key.

There are three situations where making an interactive is the way to go: (1) complex data visualization, (2) personalized branded content, and (3) customized product explainers.

Why Interactives are the Next Big Thing in Content Marketing


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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