The 6 Unique Traits of All Remarkable Writers

I’ve spent the last four years mentoring about seven writers.

In that time I’ve also evaluated dozens of other writers, without choosing to mentor them. I saw something in those seven that I didn’t see in the rest.

That “something” I saw was a set of qualities that I think are unique to remarkable writers. And I wanted to start documenting those qualities — those things that make writers stand out from the rest of the population.

Now a typical list on writers usually revolves around habits common to a lot of professions (obsession, perseverance, getting up early, reading a ton, and so on).

That’s too easy.

What I’m looking for is a constellation of qualities that we can say a writer has thatno other profession can claim.

This is not an easy task. But here’s my stab at it.

The 6 Unique Traits of All Remarkable Writers


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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