The 4 Elements of the Most Persuasive Copy

Writing successful marketing copy is nothing short of an art. You need content that puts across your point of view subtly and engages your readers in the process. But along with being engaging, the content should also bring consumers closer to your brand, allowing them to see what’s in it for them and how it fits in with their individual needs, thus triggering their decision to purchase.

Here are 4 ways that will help you write persuasive copy to win more clients over.

1. Go for a conversational tone

How you say it is as important as what you are saying. This applies to your writing as well.

Writing a hyped highlighter copy to win over your readers is doing it totally wrong. Such copy has no genuine personal connection. People won’t believe a single word you say. When it comes to triggering buying decisions, remember that people buy from those whom they like and trust. Any over-the-top copy will only turn them skeptical and further away from you.

The solution is to write as you talk.

This is the first rule to writing persuasive copy, and it is not an easy feat. We are born to talk. It comes naturally to most of us. To write the way you talk, however, you will need to get out of your default writing mode. Becoming critical when writing will only worsen the copy, so to write persuasively, ignore everything you’ve learned about writing and get busy with the job of telling. It is easier to read, too, since we usually have an internal monolog accompanying what we read.

The 4 Elements of the Most Persuasive Copy


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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