Should You Be Blogging on LinkedIn?

Should You Be Blogging on LinkedIn?In 2012, LinkedIn started Influencers, a blog with posts by people who are influential in their fields. This includes famous people like Richard Branson, Jack Welch, Bill Gates and Arianna Huffington — even President Barack Obama contributed. Some 300 industry leaders currently post to LinkedIn and thousands (and thousands) more follow what they have to say.

You too, can blog on LinkedIn. Even if you aren’t a branded “Influencer,” you and your business can still reach a substantial audience. Mark Stevens isn’t an Influencer, but he’s got 21,657 followers. That could be a lot more than he gets by posting on his own website because these days, anyone who is looking for a job or a business connection (which is just about everybody) is on LinkedIn.

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Is It Worth Giving Away?

There is an argument, however, that you are providing free content to LinkedIn. Why would you want to give away your opinions, your expertise and your time to provide content to LinkedIn? The site is, after all, the leading professional connections social network. If LinkedIn wants your thoughts, shouldn’t it pay for them?

Do you think Richard Branson is getting paid? Do you think he needs to get paid?

Should You Be Blogging on LinkedIn?


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