SEO Copywriting for User Experience

When you’re writing a story or an article, you make sure to give your users a great read. You make sure that the story’s great. The grammar is impeccable. The facts are all sorted out. In SEO Copywriting, you take all that and mix it with a great user experience – making sure that User Activity within that page sends a positive signal to Google.

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How can SEO Copywriting give a great User Experience?

It’s not really that complicated. Here are some of the things you have to check to make sure your SEO copywriting delivers an excellent User Experience:

Content Strategy

This is probably the most important part of SEO Copywriting (I just can’t emphasize that enough!). Having the right content strategy in place can be the difference between a great or a ‘can do without’ user experience. Here are some questions to guide you through your Content Strategy:

SEO Copywriting for User Experience


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