Reach Your Maximum Potential With Intent Data

Are you using intent data as effectively as you could be? Columnist James Green breaks down the hurdles marketers face in using intent data to its full potential.


data-information-overload-ss-1920Just a few short years ago, the marketing industry was focused on understanding and leveraging the surplus of digital technologies rapidly being developed to help improve customer retention and acquisition. While marketers have made huge strides since the birth of e-commerce two decades ago, they’re still not utilizing the digital space to its full potential.

Digital analyst Brian Solis found that while 88% of companies report undergoing a digital transformation, only 25% have mapped the digital customer journey and have an understanding of new or under-performing digital touch points. One of the best ways for marketers to use digital to its greatest potential is by garnering insights across the consumer lifecycle…

Reach Your Maximum Potential With Intent Data


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